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Sumner Garage Doors | My Garage Door Spring Broke- Should I replace BOTH?

It’s Sunday morning and you’re sound asleep when all of a sudden a very loud noise wakes you up. You begin to search the house for the source of the noise, but you find nothing and crawl back into bed. Later on, you enter the garage to drive off to the store and to your shock you see it, a broken garage door spring.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Hanging down and swaying like this ever happened to you?  If so, you’re not alone, broken spring repairs are one of the most common repairs in the garage door industry!!

Deciding whether or not to replace both springs all depends on personal preference, however there are logical reasons why it is recommended that if you have one broken spring, you should replace both at the same time.

Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring

First of all, look at it this way – if your shoelace breaks, would you replace just the broken lace – or buy a new pair of laces?

You would buy a new pair of laces so you’d start out with a brand new matched set, right?

But garage door springs cost so much more to replace than shoelaces, you counter. Yes, and they last a hundred times

If you have a broken torsion spring its probably because the spring wore out and became so fatigued that it finally broke. If your garage door is big enough and heavy enough it may require two torsion springs to operate. If one of the two springs break, it is a good idea to have them both fixed at the same time. This cuts down repair and labor costs in the future. If the repairman is already there servicing one spring might as well do them both! This will also prevent more serous problems from happening later on.

Most torsion springs last a long time, but the actual life span depends on the spring’s cycles, usually about 10,000 per spring. If you have one torsion spring that is broken or sagging, the chances are the other is shot too. That means twice the service calls and twice the amount of time you need to set aside to meet with the technician. In most cases it’s cheaper to replace both springs at the same time, rather than applying a band-aid and having to call us back very soon.

Also, replacing both springs keeps your garage door in balance. If only one spring gets replaced, the garage door will not be properly balanced. This ensures that the door opens smoothly with equal force being applied to each side of the door.

Now that you know a couple of in’s and out’s of spring replacement, it’s up to you to decide whether to replace or not replace!

Broken Garage Door Springs

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