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Is your garage door opener equipped with adequate garage door opener security?  Did you even know that security for your opener existed?  We certainly hope so, and we hope you’re utilizing it.  It’s called “Rolling Code,” and here’s a simple way to explain how it works:  Imagine you have your opener and remote; they speak the same language, and if anyone else speaks that language, they can join the conversation–  Except in this case, joining the conversation means gaining access to your home via your garage door.  Instead of limiting your remote and opener to a single language, every time they speak, they decide on a new language to speak next time without telling each other, that way when people listen in, they can’t figure out what language to speak, and thus, can’t gain access to your home.

Hopefully that helped explain it–  To make a long story short, it ensures no one can gain access to your garage door opener, and it’s something you should have.

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