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Sumner Garage Doors | Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Garage Door Springs -But were afraid to ask

What do you think is the most efficient labor-saving device in your house?

Without a doubt, your garage door springs are the most energy efficient and useful lo-tech items in your house. They help you raise a 200-pound door using about 1/10 the force.

Now for the bad news: garage door springs are powerful and dangerous. Don’t try to repair or replace a garage door spring by yourself unless you have at least 5 years experience as a licensed garage door mechanic – or you have a REALLY good health care plan and live close to an emergency ward. Yes, it’s THAT dangerous!

Okay, you’re smart enough to call in a professional garage door technician to deal with spring replacement, an excellent decision. Now you have another decision to grapple with – should I replace just the broken spring, or should i replace both springs?


Why you should replace both at the same time


The smart answer is to replace both. Unfortunately, consumers don’t understand the need to replace the spring that isn’t broken, and they believe they are being “oversold” or hoodwinked by the technician.

Not so. Replacing both tension springs makes perfect sense. First of all, the unbroken spring is bound to be on its last leg because springs are engineered to last a finite number of open-and-close cycles for your garage door. When one spring snaps, it’s a sure sign that the other is about to blow. The average garage door spring lasts about 3 years, but technicians can install longer-lasting springs that cost a few dollars more and provide peace of mind for many years to come.

Another excellent reason to replace both your tension springs at the same time is to save money. Most reputable garage door service companies offer a nice discount for the second spring.

Finally, look at this way: when your shoelace breaks, do you replace just the broken lace, or both?

It’s possible that you have only one spring as a counter-balance to the tremendous weight of your garage door. If so, it’s a tightly-wound torsion spring mounted above the door in the center of your garage. These are the most dangerous types of springs because they store so much energy. Be sure to consult a professional.


How long will springs last?


Basic springs are designed to last through about 10,000 open-and-close cycles, which works out to approximately 3 years. Obviously, if you use your garage door less, the springs will last longer. Not so obvious are the factors that stress out the springs more than usual, like adding weight to the garage door by painting it or installing insulation.

If your garage door open and closes smoothly – cool! However you still need to keep an eye on the operating system and periodically test the electric eye and reversing safety mechanisms to keep your family protected. Testing the electric eye, reversing mechanism and force settings. If any of these are out of whack, please have a qualified repairman service your system as soon as possible.


What if my garage door spring starts making funny noises?


A few squeaks and creaks may just need a little TLC in the form of lubricant. Apply some garage door lubricant to the springs; if that doesn’t quiet down the noisy spring, sounds like there’ll be a service call in your future. To check the balance of your springs, disconnect the power. If the garage door doesn’t easily glide up and down the track manually, you may have out-of-balance springs. Another common problem with tension springs is loose or misaligned brackets that attach to the bottom of the garage door. These are also under tremendous tension and should never be installed or removed by an inexperienced person.


Safety first!

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