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Sumner Garage Doors | 4 Common Garage Door Safety Mistakes

Here are four major things that you should not do to compromise your safety and that of your family or your valuable property. It can be your car, pet, your children or even yourself. Every action counts when it comes to garage door operability and safety.

Children can be a nuisance when it comes to garage doors. Don’t let them play with the garage door remote, climb on, or ride the garage doors. Make them understand that the garage door and remotes are not a toy and they should not touch it. Also, playing with it can prove fatal as they can unknowingly activate the door leading to fatal injuries especially if someone is not watching over their actions.

Avoid repairing either the cables or springs trying to make adjustments. These components are usually under high tension and as such require specialize tools and trained technician. You can injure yourself or further break them down leading to total malfunction.

Avoid driving in or out when the door is still in motion. Any malfunction can occur and this can lead to serious injuries and also damage your car. Just clipping the garage door with something as powerful as a car can destroy a garage door.

Finally, don’t use the garage remote when your sight is not clear. Ensure there are no children passing across or animals moving inside the garage (or outside) before you proceed. By following these simple tips, you can increase the safety for everyone.

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